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Welcome to LineageII.Net

Lineage II Interlude x4

Lineage II server in the Interlude version that seeks to be the most similar to Retail (original).


No custom items to influence the game and with some facility additions like upgrades, teleports, and other things that make the game more enjoyable.

The server was launched on June 7, 2021 and has a strong community as well as highly praised setups from players. Come play too and have fun with us!

Lineage 2
Lineage 2 pvp valhalla

We have several updates with improvements and events New improvements for Lineage II

Lineage 2 guias

Lineage 2 interlude c6

Lineage II Baium

Lineage 2 interlude c6

Lineage 2 zeken

Lineage 2 interlude c6

Lineage 2

New updates

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