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Lineage 2 Dion


Our project is based on Lineage 2 High five fully remastered in 3 languages. We have created it to provide a world where gaming experience and entertainment matter more than money and winnings.

Lineage 2 Claasses Balancement oficial
Classes Balancement

Class balance is taken seriously here! As it is a PvE focused server, the idea is that all classes are playable.

That's why we use the Official 2.10 High Five 2012 status version, the perfect balance between all classes.

Here, even classes forgotten over the years have their role and are 100% playable, such as Bards (Blade Dancers, Swordsinger), Summoners and Enchanters.

Community Board

Access many exclusive features through our Community Board.

These include general server information, special settings for higher performance gameplay, Auction House, where you can trade your items with other players, exclusive clan management, various types of rankings, and monitoring of all server events. Use the ALT + B command to access it in-game, or open it through the "System Menu".

Elmoreden World

All settings and features that were not informed here are Retail, ie equal to the Lineage II official, or was considered irrelevant.


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