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Ranking System in Valhalla

  • In all the main cities you will have a ranking panel where you can see the best PVP AND PVE player with rewards every 24 hours for PVP Rankings as the best fisherman or the best artisan  

  • The PVP ranking will never be reset, achieve the fame and honor of the best PVP player in history in Valhalla

  • The PVE ranking is reset every 24 hours every 24 hours it will give the prize to the best players in the craft or fishing ranking (You must be connected to receive the prize), The rewards will change

Lineage 2 Ranking Player

Anti farm protection

In lineage II .Net we take ranking very seriously, only the best players will be able to choose to appear in this appreciated ranking and be a legend, that is why in valhalla we have implemented several anti farm systems, breaking the rules or cheating can cause a blockage permanent account

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