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154 Dungeons, group or solitary, you choose your destiny, below we show you some of them

Daily Dungeon

These dungeons are very short and simple. It consists of a battle against a boss, which ends in just a few minutes. Despite this, they are the ones you will do most frequently since they grant important prizes such as materials to improve your weapons and armor. You can access one of these dungeons every 24 hours.

The daily dungeon has 4 difficulty levels, which recommend different combat points. Depending on the difficulty, you will receive 1-4 rewards upon completing the dungeon

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Instanced Dungeons Guide

Each dungeon can be entered via an Entrance NPC. Certain requirements must be met in order to enter an instanced dungeon, including a set level, number of party members, a specific item, and/or a quest. Some conditions and requirements are listed on the next tab.

The request to enter an instanced dungeon must be made by the party leader.

There is a limit to the number of instanced dungeons players may enter per day.

If players are moved outside of an instanced zone by teleporting to the nearest town after death, or by using a Scroll of Escape, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If players log in after logging out inside an instanced dungeon, they are moved outside the dungeon. After rejoining the party, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If a party leader has already initiated the instance, they cannot invite a new member to join there party from inside the instance. The party’s size cannot be increased once they are inside the dungeon.

Players cannot use the Party Member Summon Skill while inside instanced dungeons; however, the Party Member Summon Skill can be used to summon original members of the party upon entry that are inside the castle/fortress-related dungeons.

Players are automatically moved outside an instanced dungeon in following situations:

Mission Completion: Players within an instanced dungeon are moved outside after five minutes of completing a mission. (This only applies to zones that do not have a teleport cube in them.)

Time Limit Reached: If the allotted instance time runs out, the party will be moved outside of the instanced dungeon.

Server Issues: If any server-related technical problems occur, such as a server outage, all instanced dungeons will be reset and players are moved outside of instanced dungeons.

Instanced Dugeon Reset

The instanced dungeon resets if all the party members who were inside leave the area. Below are the specifics on when each instanced dungeon resets after all party members leave:

The following dungeons reset immediately: Nornil’s Garden and Dark Cloud Mansion.

The following dungeons reset after 20 minutes: Castle/Fortress Instanced Dungeons and Crystal Caverns.

If a mission is completed, or the time limit is approaching, the remaining time is displayed.

Time Limits and Refresh Times

Each dugneon can only be occupied for a specific period of time. And once used, the instanced dungeon can be re-used only after a certain period of time has passed. The instanced dungeon time limit and refresh times are as follows:

Dungeon Time Limit Refresh Time

  • Nornil’s Garden 70 minutes 2 hours

  • Dark Cloud Mansion 30 minutes no limit applies

  • Crystal Caverns 90 minutes 24 hours

  • Underground Dungeon (Castle) 60 minutes 4 hours

  • Fortress Dungeon 60 minutes 4 hours

All settings and features that were not informed here are Retail, ie equal to the Lineage II official, or was considered irrelevant.

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