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Elmoreden L2 Buy coins


This coin does NOT provide any P2W benefits.
Can be traded for mounts, cosmetic items, and other visual changes that have no impact on gameplay

400 DC

€ 10.99

800 DC

€ 19.99

1200 DC

€ 28.99

1600 DC

€ 37.99


€ 46.99

2400 DC

€ 55.99

What will you do to survive in a place determined to destroy you?

Elmoreden Buy coins

Elmoreden World

DC are the premium coins of Elmoreden World, Once the purchase is made you can download a virtual card with your code, where when you enter the game you can receive the reward (Dragon Coins) with the command .promocode

Have a question? Need help?

Once the purchase is made, you will get a card with a code look how to redeem it in the game See guide

Do you have problems or doubts? Contact us on the support button?

L2 Aden server buy coins Elmoreden

Territory of Service Valhalla
  • Europe

  • North America

  • United States

  • Ucrania

  • Russia

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